About inomnom



Hi there! We are Iris and Eric of inomnom.

Iris draws and designs, and Eric puts out occasional fires and does lots of math because Iris can't.


inomnom.com was the very first domain I bought while I was in school - I used it to show my art and animation demo reel on it. I picked that name because aside from loving to eat food, I love the theme of food itself.

If I saw a chicken leg on the cover of a notebook I would've 100% bought it.

If I saw a hot dog smiling on a shirt I had to get it.

If I saw a beach ball painted as a takoyaki? I don't even go to beaches but I'll buy that and make sure I hit that.

As much as I enjoyed collecting all these things over the years, I found myself wishing more that it was done differently. I started thinking about designs that I wish existed, or wondered if anyone has created something like it yet.

That’s when it thought heeeey, maybe I can make it myself!



So my light bulb moment came from selfish reasons really - I want to create all the things that I love and would want to wear. Friends and family giggled at some of my first designs and they liked them, so I hope I find more people on the Internet who might enjoy them too!

I’m also thankful that I kept this domain all this time - I planned on letting it go once I finished setting up and moving things onto my second domain. Now it feels like something something about fate, coming back full circle to where I took my first step towards having an online presence!

Each design is handmade by me, and I really hope you enjoy them as much as I do making them!

- Iris


Iris Ma

Designer of Deliciousness

If I'm not drawing and scribbling out new ideas from my head, I like to play video games in my free time! Currently playing Overwatch & Final Fantasy XV, but I need to get to the other video games I collected in Steam too...

Eric Hon

Professional Problem Solver

I like to solve problems.