Vinyl Sticker Packs (Pick / Mystery)

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Craft your own pack of vinyl stickers from our complete collection - you’ll get a little something that’s cute, silly and probably kinda weird.

Pick your own or get a surprise with mystery random stickers! Choose from:
  • Pick 3 stickers of your choice (3 total)
  • Pick 2 stickers of your choice and we include 2 random stickers (4 total)
  • Pick 3 stickers of your choice and we include 3 random stickers (6 total)
  • Pick 4 stickers of your choice and we include 4 random stickers (8 total)
  • Pick 5 stickers of your choice and we include 5 random stickers (10 total)
Each sticker is numbered from #1 to #33 in the images, please let me know which stickers you picked by listing the sticker numbers in the "Note to seller" box during check-out!

Guaranteed no duplicates (unless specifically requested) - better odds than a booster pack!

The stickers are generally 4 inches (approx. 10cm) in height/width at their longest side, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use!
#1-20 Sushi of the world
Measurements vary - 2 to 4" width x 1.5" to 3" height
#21-23 Cup Noodles (4" tall x 3" wide)
#24 Peachy (3.5" tall x 4" wide)
#25 Hamcakes (4” tall x 4” wide)
#26 Hammallow
#27 Hamcone (4” tall x 3.25” wide)
#28 Stab Bae (4” tall x 4” wide)
#29 Tuna Cardio (2.5” tall x 4” wide)
#30 Widow from Overwatch (4” tall x 3.5” wide)
#31 Tokyo Ramen (bowl is 3.5” in diameter, 5” from spoon to seaweed)
#32 E.Honda from Street Fighter (4” tall x 2.75” wide)
#33 Oreo (3” tall x 4” wide)

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