Hello, it's our first post!

Iris Ma

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by this first post of the inomnom blog!

If you haven't met us before through messages or in-person at a past convention, we're Eric and Iris, the bacon and eggs behind inomnom! I am the introverted artist and designer behind all the derpy designs on this site, and my husband Eric is the business-savvy, numbers expert and more social half of the duo! We're based in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), but do try to travel to farther places for cool new conventions to attend every year!

I've always wanted to keep a blog of things that I learn along the way with my art or when I decide to try something new - I think it's a great way to keep track of what my perspective was at the time I wrote about it. It's hard to remember why I decided to do things the way I did after time goes by! 

So this place is where I'm hoping to share a lot of tips, advice and mistakes that I've made so that others can share their thoughts with me, or pick up something from here that might help them too.

Like I mentioned before, Eric's the more business-savvy, logical half of us, so he can share more about the things we've had to consider when we want to start creating a new product, project, etc. 

I re-opened the site today with a new look, but the biggest change is in the backend where I removed away a lot of third party "apps". They seemed like a great idea at first to install but later I realized, it made my website load like a snail!

Hope you stick around to read more of our adventures!


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  • Kate on

    Awesome first post!! You guys are so cute!!

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