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Hi everyone!

If you happen to check out our sweatshirts and hoodies recently, you might've noticed that the navy and black options are gone — we've had to pull them down because we've noticed there's been a lot of misprints and inconsistent quality with them recently.

The fabric weave is looser in sweatshirts and hoodies VS our t-shirts which are 100% cotton, so the supplier explained that anything printed on a dark garment that's thicker and looser-weaved will have a more faded effect compared to being printed on a light colored garment, and whites won't appear as pure white in the final product.

So for now we're not comfortable offering them in navy and black colors on our website. Dark heather is still available as we haven't had issues so far with that color — however, if you would still really like to purchase a design in these colors they're still available and you can reach out to us via email! We want to make sure that you're aware that the design may look a little different than how it does in the mock up pictures.

Thanks for reading, and so sorry that we're unable to offer those colors anymore — I know many people prefer those colors!


Below are a few examples of what's been shared to us — you can see that the quality is all over the place!

From what our supplier told us, this is how white/light designs appear once they're printed on dark garments — a slightly "faded" white, and there will be some speckles throughout the design.

Below is a good print of the Saitama sweatshirt in Dark Heather — there are some speckles throughout, but the design looks solidly printed on!

Below is an example of a bad print — it looks streaky and really faded, but still it passed the print supplier's QA check and was sent to a customer of mine.

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