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Caring for your face mask


  While designing my own face masks, I came across a lot of great resources and learned a lot about how to properly wear and maintain reusable masks. I wanted to share what I've collected so far and also a few tips on wearing my inomnom face masks if you happened to buy one to wear! ☁️ Sections ☁️ Before wearing a new mask - wash it first! Using the PM2.5 filter Wearing your mask Adjusting your mask for a better fit Removing & cleaning your mask   🛁 Before wearing a new mask - wash it first! Face masks can be machine-washed...

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4 places I go to for art inspiration

Art Tips

Once in a while, I get into an art block where it's not that I don't want to draw, it's because I don't know what I want to draw. In this post, I'm sharing a few places that I go for new inspiration to drag myself out of art blocks!

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